Kerry copies Kim Kardashian in her bid to look super svelte on her big day

As any bride-to-be knows, there is a lot of pressure to look perfect for your big day. And, after two previous weddings, Kerry Katona knows better than most how hard that is.

Now, in a last-minute bid to look her best for her nuptials to George Kay this Saturday, the serial dieter has jumped on the waist training corset bandwagon to pinch a few more inches off her curvy figure.

Posting a picture of her slimline body on Twitter, Kerry showed off her Sports Cincher by shapewear company Forever Beautiful Body which promises to hone her waist if she wears it every day.

Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are already fans of waist training corsets, which can shrink your waist size by as much as 10 inches.

The controversial method claims to enhance weight loss by suppressing the wearer’s appetite and encouraging perspiration. Some wearers keep them on for a breathtaking 12 hours.

Kerry, 33, already has a tiny 28 inch waist, and was pictured wearing the corset under her gym clothes to get an even smaller hourglass look, just three days before the ceremony.

We’re not sure she’ll see a big difference in such a short time but like most brides Kerry is on a mission to look amazing in her wedding dress.

The mum of five has ditched her favourite Chinese takeaways, and lost 15lbs on a ‘clean eating diet’, to return to a svelte size 10.

She told The Sun: ‘I’m loving eating clean. I’m enjoying goat’s cheese salads for lunch, chicken wraps and lots of spicy fish, veg and stir-fries. If I’m hungry when I’m on the go with the kids, I’ll snack on dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

‘This isn’t just a diet, it’s a complete lifestyle change. I feel happier and I love that my clothes are getting looser.’

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