She advises the stars and now it's your turn...


Hi, darlings! So Liam Payne has already moved on with new girl Cairo Dwek, and I’m telling you Cheryl is going to feel crushed. All she ever wanted was the 
fairy tale, the husband and the kids, so to see Liam with some 20-year-old, who can’t even legally drink in America, will hurt her a lot.

I do think Liam and Cheryl broke up before we knew about it, but it’s still very soon. 
I find it very tacky when people jump from relationship to relationship – it’s a bit cringe from Liam.

An update from me:

As a dating expert, people ask if I’m dating. At the moment I’m not as I’m filming Celebs Go Dating and that takes over my life, but I’m keen to get a boyfriend in winter. Watch this space!


Dear Nadia, I recently became single and am really enjoying having fun but I’ve got to ask – what’s the best way to get a one-night stand to leave ASAP the next morning? 
I hate how awkward it is!

N: Babes, you shouldn’t let them stay the night! You tell them they can come back to yours but you have to be up really early in the morning so they can’t stay. Don’t waste your money making them breakfast if it’s a ‘hi and bye’ type scenario. Get the deed done and get them out!

Dear Nadia, my boyfriend’s ex still isn’t over him two years after they split. They share mutual friends who I’ve been getting to know, but she’s not happy about it. How can I stop her from causing problems between the friendship group and me? My boyfriend thinks that I’m the one who’s overreacting….

N: It’s difficult if your boyfriend thinks you’re overreacting. The best thing to do is keep quiet, and remember that he comes home to you every night. So she can cause all the drama she wants, but he’s with you. Let her behave like a psycho, suck it up and eventually he’ll see what she’s doing. Trust me, she’ll come off worse 
in the end!


Dear Nadia, my boyfriend loves it when I go down on him but I can’t breathe through my nose very well so have to keep stopping. 
Is this normal? What can I do to solve the problem?

N: This is very normal. Honey, they don’t call it a ‘job’ for nothing – there’s a lot of thinking involved in a blowjob. Stopping is not a problem, but keep the motion going with your hand so it doesn’t interrupt his flow.