The Sainsbury's Christmas advert is made AMAZING by the return of Mog the Cat!


Remember the heartbreaking moment when Mog the Cat passed away from old age in Judith Kerr’s 2002 ‘Goodbye Mog’? Well, now the clumsy-but-loveable feline is BACK in the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. In the three minute long ad, she saves the day by raising the alert when the Thomas family’s oven sets on fire and goes up in smoke – but not before she causes absolute MAYHEM in the kitchen!

Leaping from surface to suface, Mog manages to pull down an entire table of food, set a Christmas tree alight and knock over a grandfather clock. Uh oh! Rushing out the house, Mog realise that help is already on its way when she comes head to head with a fire engine. The firefighters then commend Mog for saving the day!

Although the Christmas presents and feast are ruined for the Thomas family, their Christmas is made better by the sharing spirit of the neighbours, who help them clean up their sooty house and then share their own festive turkey feasts. A merry Christmas for all!

The nostalgic advert, with its heartfelt message, got us totally welling up. Plus, we were over the moon to hear that Judith Kerr has written and illustrated a new book just in time for December 25th called ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’, which will go on sale for £3 in Sainsbury’s. Fab news!

We’re being completely spoilt for Christmas adverts this year, with the release of John Lewis’ Man in the Moon advert last week and now this heartwarming watch. One thing’s for sure – it may only be mid-November, but we’re already in the mood for Christmas. Bring on the festivity!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter