Zoella is NOT happy with the internet backlash


Poor Zoella. Rumours started last night that her recently-relaunched blog is ghostwritten following speculation from her fans. One person wrote on Twitter that Zoella had ‘completely lost her bubbly style’, while others are sceptical because of the lack of shots of Zoella’s home.


The world-famous vlogger, blogger and writer was NOT happy – and she took to Twitter to express her discontent. Tweeting to her 3.88 million followers, she set the record straight, writing: ‘I write my own blog posts and put a lot of effort into them.’ She followed up by dubbing the negative Twitter feedback a ‘Zoella witch hunt’.

The allegations follow Zoella admitting last year that she had received help from Siobhan Curran when producing her debut book ‘Girl Online’. However, Zoella said earlier this year that she was writing the sequel, Girl Online 2, by herself.

Known for being a positive and uplifting person, Zoella followed up her Twitter rant with a tweet about how she was decorating the house for Christmas, in preparation for boyfriend Alfie Deyes to get back.

She also announced that she had a festive surprise in store for her fans..we can’t wait!!!

We hope Zoella is feeling okay after this week, which started off with the disappointing news that she would have to call off her Dublin book signing due to illness. We’re sure this will all blow over soon, Zoella – in the mean time, we hope you can keep up that gorgeous smile that your fans love you for!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter