The hottest day of the year hasn’t stopped Peter Andre and his fiancee Emily getting intimate in bed together - and showing us all!

If it wasn’t already 32 degrees outside… a certain couple have got us all hot under the collar!

Peter Andre posted a series of seriously steamy Instagram pictures of him and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh on Wednesday where the pair aren’t hugging a AC machine like the rest of us, but are in bed, under a duvet and everything! Seriously, haven’t you guys noticed the weather?!

The Instagram shots show the pair looking happier than ever, despite rumours that they are putting the wedding on hold.

One cheeky snap of Emily, 25 reveals her kissing 42-year- old Peter’s shoulder, which obviously sent us on a (little) whirlwind of jealousy.

And Pete, being the Aussie that he is captioned it ‘Bonza!’

Also, how beautiful does Emily look without make-up on? We’re a little bit jealous!

Although it was reported that Peter and Emily are putting baby number two on hold to allow Emily to progress in her career as a doctor, it is clear from the Insta’ images that nothing is going to get in the way of their love.

They are definitely not shy on expressing it anyway!

Instagram was bursting of support for the loved up couple. One fan stated ‘Aww you and Emily are so perfect together‘ and another said ‘We’re all so happy for you that you have found your soul mate.’

Following last weeks rumours that Peter is getting broody… We can’t imagine that it won’t be long before another baby is on its way, especially if they’re spending all day in bed.

Pete said: ‘After Amelia was born I was really content and didn’t think I’d want more, but now she’s grown into such a wonderful child I’m getting broody.’

Peter and Emily already have 18-month-old Amelia Andre together.

Peter Andre talks about getting broody!

Lily Anderson