J-Lo joins the 5:2 crew

Her gorgeous figure and toned thighs left Ant & Dec red-faced when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

And now we can reveal the secret behind Jennifer Lopez‘s hot bod: she’s joined the 5:2 crew!

Despite being one of the world’s most bootylicious singers, J-Lo, 43, has admitted to having worries about her appearance just like the rest of us.

But judging by how she wowed us all in a tiny black leotard for her performance of Live It Up on BGT, the 5:2 eating plan already seems to be working for her.

The diet’s exploded in the past few months.

It involves followers living on 500 calories a day for two days a week (600 for men) but eating normally on the other five days.

Most people have been attracted by its simplicity as well as claims – yet to be proved – that it can lower blood pressure, help you live longer and protect against illnesses such as dementia.

One person who definitely noticed the effect the plan’s had on Jen was BGT judge Amanda Holden.

She says: ‘Her arse… I just wanted to bite it!

‘It was fabulous.’

The 5:2 was originated by Dr Michael Mosley in the BBC2 documentary Eat, Fast And Live Longer last year.

But the craze really took off when Kate Harrison explained it all in her not-so snappily titled guidebook The 5:2 Diet Book: Feast For 5 Days A Week & Fast For 2 To Lose Weight, Boost Your Brain And Transform Your Health.

Read more about Jennifer Lopez and the 5:2 eating plan in Now magazine dated 10 June 2013 – out now!


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