Rapidly slimming Jennifer Lopez is in danger of diet obsession

After giviing birth to twins Max and Emme in February, renowed workaholic Jennifer Lopez has been training day and night for a triathlon she’s competing in on 14 September.

‘I thought: “What can I do to make my babies proud?”’ J-Lo revealed. ‘It’s very important for me to set an example for both of them.

‘If I have to crawl across that finish line, I’m going to. I keep telling myself when I’m training: “This is for charity. Don’t embarrass the family! Get it done, Lopez!”’

But behind her public positivity, the 39-year-old is suffering a weight crisis that’s starting to tear her family apart.

According to our source, she gained 5st 5lb while pregnant and has lost 3st 8lb so far. But she’s hit a wall trying to burn off the remaining stubborn pounds, no matter how much training she does.

And despite struggling to balance the challenges of motherhood, J-Lo’s refusing to reduce her gruelling exercise regime and rarely eats more than 1,000 calories a day.

Frantic husband Marc Anthony, 38, who’s had to bear the brunt of her moods, finally snapped and ordered her to consult a doctor. She was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland, which causes the body to ‘slow down’.

This means J-Lo has to try even harder and this pressure has had a knock-on effect at home. Even though she and Marc are madly in love, there have been some tense moments.

‘Let’s just say some of their discussions have been pretty explosive,’ says our insider.

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