Jack Fowler has been rushed to hospital.

jack fowler rushed hospital health scare

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The former Love Island star took to his Instagram account to reveal that earlier this week he was rushed to hospital after suffering a health scare.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the reality star, who rose to fame on last year’s season of the ITV2 matchmaking show where he had been paired up with Laura Anderson and Laura Crane, shared a snap with his nearly one and a half million followers to reveal the worrying news.

Jack shared a black and white photo of himself in a hospital bed with a drip in his arm, explaining alongside the snap why he had been admitted to the hospital.

Crazy how many have sent me DMs asking if I’m okay as I’ve been absent from IG. Thanks for the check-ups.

‘Here’s an update,’ continued the TV star. ‘Unfortunately, I was rushed to hospital Tuesday morning with severe headaches and lack of vision.

‘I then had a lumbar puncture that showed I had viral meningitis.

‘I was unresponsive for a few days whilst being under morphine and several antibiotics.’

‘But now on the road to recovery,’ added Jack. ‘Home now and resting up.

The star also shared the update to his Twitter page, and fans flocked to wish him well.

I really hope you get the you the recovery you deserve,’ wrote one well-wisher, ‘especially near christmas and your back to the Jack we love seeing.Get better soon sending my love 💗🥺’.

‘Wish you a speedy recovery Jack!’ wrote Love Island co-star Alexandra Cane. ‘Blessings and well wishes 💖✨’.

I’m so sorry!’ added another. ‘I know you’ll bounce back! There’s no other way for Jack Fowler! ❤️ it’ll be okay in the end, I promise :)’.

‘Omg😭 get well soon Jack!!!✨💗,’ commented another. ‘I’m sending you lots of love and hugs right now xxx,’ while another wrote, ‘Speedy recovery ❤️ Hope you feel better soon x’.