Depression led me to contemplate death, says Ozzy's son

Jack Osbourne once tried to commit suicide in a hotel room.

The 20-year-old son of Ozzy Osbourne said his depression became so accentuated by his addictions to alcohol and the painkiller OxyContin that he once tried to take his own life.

The incident occurred after he rang the girl he was dating from his New York suite and her ex-boyfriend answered the phone.

‘That was yet another rejection that I wasn’t in a state to deal with,’ says Jack in his new book, Jack Osbourne: 21 Years Gone.

‘That night I started cutting myself,’ he says. ‘I sliced up my hands with a broken
bottle. I then reached for a bottle of absinthe that I had in my hotel room,
mixed it with water and chugged as much as I could.

‘Then I looked around and found several bottles of pills: Soma, Xanax and Dilaudid, a pretty potent cocktail of prescription opiates.

‘I helped myself to a handful, swallowed them and climbed into bed. I lay there, my hands bleeding and my head spinning, as I waited for death to take me.’

Jack reveals he woke up 12 hours later and immediately called his therapist.

He adds: ‘I was weeping down the phone: ‘I think I tried to kill myself last night.’