Jack noticed his hair thinning over the last year

Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd has opened up about undergoing a hair transplant after stress made him go bald.

Coronation Street

The telly star – who has played David Platt in the ITV soap for almost two decades – admitted he went under the knife after noticing dramatic hair loss over the past few years due to off-screen pressures and a bout of insomnia.


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In an attempt to combat his thinning locks, Jack had more than 3,000 hairs implanted into the front of his scalp by surgeon Asim Shahmalak from Crown Clinic in Manchester, and revealed he now wants to grow an ‘Elvis quiff’ when it comes back in a year’s time.

Speaking about the recent operation, the 31-year-old admitted: ‘It’s such a common thing for guys to have now – like a male version of the boob job.

‘I decided to have it done because my hair loss has really escalated in the last year, particularly at the front of my scalp.

‘I remember seeing myself on screen and thinking, “oh my god, it is really falling out”.

‘One of my mates had a transplant and he looked so much better afterwards that I didn’t recognise him. I was blown away by the improvement and he told me he wished he had done it earlier.’

Jack – who won the Best Actor gong at last year’s British Soap Awards – then confessed he’s been losing his hair for more than a decade but has only noticed it recently.

He continued: ‘I could see the difference when I watched myself on screen and when I was travelling in a lift and the mirror would highlight my hair loss.

‘A few of the make-up girls at Corrie suggested that I should have it done and I have talked it through with a few people at work.

‘My hair loss has definitely accelerated in the last year. I have had a few personal issues off-screen which have been stressful and I am also an insomniac which just adds to my stress levels.

‘No one likes to lose their hair and hopefully I can make really difference to my appearance because I am losing it right at the front where you notice it the most.’