He says nothing will stop him being by her side


Jack Tweed is prepared to break the terms of his parole if wife Jade Goody takes a turn for the worse.

As part of his early release, Jack, 21, has an electronic tag and must return to his parents’ house by 7pm every evening.

‘It kills me every time I have to go home because I want to be with Jade every single second of the day,’ he says.

‘I never want to be apart from her. I’m hoping I can get a suspended tag which you can get under special circumstances.’

Despite the threat of being sent back to jail if he flouts his conditions, Jack insists he wants to support Jade, 27, throughout her ordeal.

‘Nothing will stop me from being by her side,’ he says. ‘It doesn’t matter. That doesn’t bother me, if it means I can be with her when she needs me.

‘It’s horrible seeing her getting worse. I cannot think about life without Jade. I just break down and cry. I want to make her as happy as she can be.’

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