'Find me a girlfriend,' he tells friends


Jack Tweed walked out of jail on 29 May and went straight to wife Jade Goody’s graveside, where he played the role of devastated widower.

But within just five days of being released from Edmunds Hill Prison, Jack had already enjoyed a string of nights out and told friends that he’s desperate for sex.

We can exclusively reveal that Jack has been asking anyone and everyone to find him a girlfriend.

While locked up for his 2008 assault on a taxi driver, our source says the 21-year-old was furiously texting women from a mobile phone – they’re easily available in prison – asking about the size of their breasts and boasting about his sexual prowess.

A friend tells Now: ‘So far he hasn’t managed to sleep with anyone, but it’s high on his list of priorities. When he was inside, he was sending girls dirty texts from a mobile phone.

‘He’s told friends he’s desperate for a girlfriend and has asked them to set him up.’

Our source adds: ‘Jack will play the grieving widower for money. He’s getting more than £100,000 from a magazine for an exclusive interview talking about Jade’s death, but in the same breath, he’s planning even more wild nights out. How long will he retain public sympathy?’

Speaking exclusively to Now from her Essex home last week, Jack‘s mum Mary Tweed denied reports he’d been texting other girls and said: ‘Give the boy a break. Everyone seems to have lost sight of the fact that he’s grieving for his wife and it makes me really angry that he’s not allowed to get on with it. He’s just an ordinary boy who’s lost his wife – he’s devastated by that.’

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