Reality star Jackiey Budden says she's donated all the money to charity

Jackiey Budden has been selling off late daughter Jade Goody‘s teddy bears.

Hundreds of cuddly toys have been left in the Big Brother star’s memory at her grave and home. 

Jackiey, 52, has been flogging the bears for as little as 50p at car boot sales and donating the proceeds to good causes.

‘There were thousands of bears and I gave most of them to charity too,’ she tells The Sun.

‘I thought it was better to sell them for a good cause than throw them in the bin.’

But Jackiey‘s rep insists she has not sold any of the graveside tributes.

‘When she was clearing out the house, Jackiey gave most of them to the local hospital,’ her spokesman tells the Sunday Mirror. 

‘Others she sold. She says they were not from the grave and she says that she gave the money to charity.’

Jade died of cervical cancer in March 2009 aged 27.

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