Chloe Ayling says she bedded Dan and their co-star Natalie Nunn

Dan Osborne has denied claims that he slept with two of his CBB co-stars behind wife Jacqueline Jossa‘s back.

Dan Osborne Jacqueline Jossa

Chloe Ayling says she enjoyed a wild night with Dan and their co-star Natalie Nunn after appearing in the show’s final series last year.

While Dan was pictured on a night out with Chloe, Natalie and their co-stars Ben Jardine and Nick Leeson, he denies sleeping with Chloe and Natalie.

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Chloe told The Sun Online, “Dan cheated on Jacqueline with me and Natalie. We’d all had a lot to drink and a threesome happened.

Dan Osborne Jacqueline Jossa

“He had full sex with Natalie in front of me in the bathroom, and then kissed and performed a sex act on me.

“It was a debauched night – we were drunk and we let loose.”

She added, “After it happened Dan was full of himself. He didn’t seem to care what had just happened in front of everyone.

“I distinctly remember Dan saying he needed to go because he was spending the day with Jacqueline and the kids because it felt so jarring with what had just happened.

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“I have regretted it ever since.

“Dan joined us after the dinner and we went to two nightclubs before going back to the hotel in the early hours of the morning.

“There are pictures of us out and me and Natalie kissing.

“We drank more in the lobby and took more booze upstairs. It was very drunken.

“During the night Natalie had said she wanted to have sex with Dan and once we got upstairs she tried it on with him.

“He was calling out my name when he was having sex with Natalie.

“At the time it felt as though we were just having fun but now I realise how wrong it was.”

Referencing his relationship with Jac, who is currently in the jungle, Chloe added, “Dan clearly loves Jacqueline because he’s married to her but he slept with Natalie in front of me that night.

“Jacqueline needs to see Dan for what he is because he is making a fool of her.

“He should be faithful to his wife. It disgusted me afterwards and I feel terrible for what I did.”

But Dan has hit back at Chloe’s claims, with his rep telling Mirror Online, “This story is not true and Dan will be seeking legal advice.”