He's on his last chance

Jungle Queen Jacqueline Jossa has given her husband, Dan Osborne, one last chance after cheating rumours emerged while she was in the jungle.

Jacqueline Jossa

The former Eastenders actress has decided to give her marriage one more shot, but is thought to have warned Dan, “One more strike and we’re over.”

The couple were spotted having what looked like a deep chat on the beach earlier this week after celebrating Jac’s Jungle win, but it seems they’ve managed to get back on track.

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It comes after Dan was accused of having a threesome with two of his Celebrity Big Brother co-stars, Chloe Ayling and Natalie Nunn.

But a friend of Jac’s said, “Jacqueline feels refreshed by her jungle experience, and doesn’t want anything to detract from it.

“Her and Dan had a frank chat and decided to start with a clean slate. She really loves him, and their girls, and wants to make things work.

“But equally, she’s found an inner strength she didn’t realise she had in the jungle, so has warned him any more indiscretions and he’s in trouble.”

Chloe Ayling previously told The Sun Online, “Dan cheated on Jacqueline with me and Natalie. We’d all had a lot to drink and a threesome happened.

“He had full sex with Natalie in front of me in the bathroom, and then kissed and performed a sex act on me.

“After it happened Dan was full of himself. He didn’t seem to care what had just happened in front of everyone.”

She added, “I distinctly remember Dan saying he needed to go because he was spending the day with Jacqueline and the kids because it felt so jarring with what had just happened.

“Dan clearly loves Jacqueline because he’s married to her but he slept with Natalie in front of me that night.”

But a spokesperson for Dan denied the claims, telling Mirror Online, “This story is not true and Dan will be seeking legal advice.”