Proud mum Jacqueline Jossa's daughter Ella has reached an important milestone

It’s always a parent proud moment when your child takes their first steps. Jacqueline Jossa captured her first born daughter Ella reaching this very memorable milestone, and shared the super cute video with us on her instagram.

Watch it here. 

The vid, captioned ‘❤️❤️she’s walking, my love.’ features her adorable daughter taking her first steps. Wearing a little pink t-shirt with her hair tied up in a bow, she’ll be swapping the living room carpet for the catwalk in no time.


The little tot turns one this month, and Jacqueline’s understandably besotted with her, posting lots of cute pics on her insta.

Ella is the first daughter for Jac and her fiance, ex-TOWIE star Dan Osborne but the young pair haven’t had the smoothest of rides. They’ve been rocked by allegations of Dan cheating multiple times, and the negative attention didn’t end there, when a recording of Dan making threats to his ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, with whom he has son, Teddy, was leaked. This led to him getting the axe from The Only Way is Essex.

Speaking to Fabulous, Jac admits this has put their relationship under strain.

‘When it get’s to me, sometimes I’ll be a bitch to him. Daniel has made mistakes and people are just never going to let that go. He’s apologised for whatever happened, but I think people are just going to continue – and all because once upon a time he said something he shouldn’t have, and now it’s game over and everything he does is wrong.’

‘There are people who have always had it in for us, and then a lot of people just jumped on the bandwagon and tried to create drama. I don’t know how or why it escalated, but we’ve become an easy target.’


Do the pair have plans for expanding their cute family? ‘We’re not in a rush, and I do want to be married before having another. I used to go out all the time, but my favourite thing to buy now is pyjamas! I like staying in with the baby, just being a mum.’


Rose Adams/@roseami1