Dan Osborne’s loyal girlfriend, EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa, has publically shown her love and support for him once again

After revealing that she had ‘supported him through everything’ and ‘put up with so much’ in his exclusive interview with Now this week, Dan Osborne‘s loyal girlfriend, Jacqueline Jossa, has shown her love and support for him once again.

In the week Dan spoke exclusively to Now about ‘the worst time of his life’ when he was secretly recorded verbally abusing his ex, Megan Tomlin, and feared he would lose his son, Teddy, Jacqueline clicked ‘favourite’ on a Tweet from a fan saying: ‘I think we are capable of saying things we regret:) #onlyhuman’

The EastEnders star who gave birth to their adorable baby girl Ella three months ago, first broke her silence on the matter in March, a couple of weeks after the shocking recordings emerged when she Tweeted: ‘I can assure you I wouldn’t stand by a man capable of everything dan has been made out to be, he is my best friend, boyfriend… [sic] And he is a brilliant father, above all else, I just want to clear up, he has never once been violent or even show signs towards me at all. ‘People selling stories on him, show one side to a story, but people around dan know the whole truth, and you would all be shocked.’

She added: ‘I am 100 percent not saying what Daniel has said was right or okay, but people make mistakes when on dark places, and it’s something… That we sorted out privately not in front of the whole world, it’s something he has apologised for and is embarrassed about.’

Dan, who legally couldn’t talk about some of the details involved in his side of the story, told Now: ‘I’m disgusted with myself. I said the worst things you could say to a person, but it was in the heat of the moment during an argument and I didn’t mean any of it. I’d never hurt anyone or hit a woman. I want people to understand I’m not an angry person.’

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