EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa had daughter Ella three months ago and the newly engaged star is back in her size 10 jeans already!

Jacqueline Jossa only gave birth to daughter Ella three months ago, but already the EastEnders actress has regained her perfect size 10 figure. The 22-year-old star showed off her bikini body while her and her new fiancé Dan Osborne – who popped the question during their trip – were recently on holiday in Greece.

As well as getting engaged during their first holiday with daughter Ella, the couple also celebrated Jaqueline’s sister’s wedding where the actress was a bridesmaid.

Now caught up with Dan to get all the goss on their engagement and to find out how Jacqueline got her post-baby body…

Dan, Jacqueline looks amazing!
I know. She doesn’t see it and she doesn’t know how great she looks, but I tell her every single day.

What’s her secret?
Her body just went back to the size she was before she was pregnant. She hasn’t been working hard to get it back.

Has she been going to the gym, though?
She started swimming a few weeks ago but it’s really hard when she’s looking after the baby to get into a fixed routine.

Is she on a diet?
No. She eats the same as always. We’re having a curry tonight!

Is she happy with how she looks or would she like to lose more weight?
Jacqueline doesn’t care if she’s in shape or not and she doesn’t care what other people think of her body or whether she’s fit or not. She says she only cares if I say she looks incredible. She knows she’s just had a baby and it’s not been a priority for her to lose weight. She’s told me that now she’s getting married, she needs to properly get into the gym to look her best on the wedding day.

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Amy Brookbanks