BB big mouth and toyboy lover split


Jade Goody and toyboy lover Jack Tweed have split for a second time.

After 2 years together, the 20-year-old has moved out of the £750,000 house they shared in Upshire, Essex.

‘Jade is devastated, and she’s been in floods of tears,’ a pal tells the Sunday Mirror. ‘But now she realises she’s got to be strong and move on with her life.’

The mum-of-two, 26, who miscarried Jack’s baby in June last year, says this time it’s over for good because the trust between them has gone.

She had doubts about taking him back after their previous break-up which followed claims of infidelity.

‘I felt more like his mother than his girlfriend,’ Jade told More. ‘But when I wasn’t with him, I wanted to be. It was easy to get back with him, but I’m still waiting for more stories to come out from girls saying he’s cheated.’

Jack has been linked to Big Brother contestants Chanelle Hayes, Imogen Thomas and Nikki Grahame. Jade has also had to cope with allegations that Jack tried to bag a three-in-a-bed session on a skiing holiday.

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