Complaints pour in after Jade insults Shilpa

Jade’s shocking treatment of fellow BB housemate Shilpa has seen her dumped as the patron of an anti-bullying charity.

And more than 200 complaints have been made to TV watchdog Ofcom – which has asked to see unedited tapes of the show.

Last night Bollywood star Shilpa burst into tears after she was targeted by Jade, Jo and Danielle. She asked Ian, ‘Why do they hate me? Why am I detested?’

The girls have made a series of racist slurs – including complaining about Shilpa’s ‘too spicy’ cooking and mocking her for bleaching her upper lip.

Jade’s mum Jackiey has also been criticised for calling Shilpa ‘The Indian’.

The charity Act Against Bullying has taken pictures of patron Jade off their website and vowed not to work with her again. Founder Louise Burfitt-Dons told the Daily Mirror: ‘We’ve been inundated with angry emails.’

Channel 4 said: ‘BB does not tolerate bullying or racist abuse. We are closely monitoring all the housemates.’