'No one really compares to Jade'

Jade Goody’s husband, Jack Tweed, has opened up about his wife’s death, ten years after she passed away.

The reality star died aged 27 in 2009 following a battle with cervical cancer, leaving husband Jack behind, along with her two sons Bobby, now 16, and Freddie, now 14, who she shared with fellow TV personality Jeff Brazier.

Now, 32-year-old Jack has opened up about the loss of his wife, admitting nobody has ever been able to replace her.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain this morning, Jack told Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley: ‘I’m alright, I just get by, you know what I mean, I just get on with it.

‘But yes, I haven’t met anyone. I don’t feel like I could meet anyone yet, as no one really compares to Jade, so I don’t want to put that person… It’s not fair on a person to put them through that.’


To mark the ten year anniversary of Jade’s death, Channel 4 are broadcasting a three-part documentary looking into her rise to fame and tragic death, over the course of this month.

Commenting on how watching the documentary impacted him, Jack explained that hearing Jade’s voice made him feel like she was with him all over again.

He said: ‘I watched the first episode yesterday, it’s like an hour long. You zone into it, where I haven’t heard her voice for a while or seen any programmes on her for a while.

‘So I sort of I zoned in, I didn’t want it to end. It was like, it brought her back a little bit. Then it finished and I realised she was gone again now.’

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‘It makes you feel closer to her, as soon as you hear her. No one sounds like Jade, as soon as Jade talks you can tell it’s Jade from a mile away.’

Speaking about watching Jade go through her illness and finally pass away, he added: ‘It was horrible. It was the worst time you could possibly go through, knowing that it was terminal. Deep in yourself you don’t believe it, you still think, “No it’s obviously not going to happen, something’s going to happen, she’s going to pull through”.

‘But deep down you do know, eventually it’s going to come and your life is going to turn, stop.’