Police are called to Essex home as pair have a huge bust-up

Now columnist Jade Goody had a few words to say to teenage boyfriend Jack Tweedy after she saw newspaper photos of him in bed wth a naked blonde.

The candid snaps show 19-year-old Jack with the mystery woman while on holiday in Marbella in May.

The row became heated and police arrived at Jade’s home but Jack – who denied any hanky panky, despite the apparent evidence – told officers that one of Jade’s little boys had dialled 999 by mistake.

Jade, 25, was so cross that she jumped into her four-wheel-drive BMW and accidentally backed it into a photographer’s car. She could face prosecution for leaving the scene of the accident.

Jade later said: ‘ I can’t say that we’re staying together but I also can’t say that we’re splitting up.’

Jack told reporters: ‘I love my Jade. We’re working on things.’