Now columnist is having tests to find cause of crippling pain

After discharging herself from the Princess Alexandra in Harlow, Essex, Jade Goody has revealed that she is being tested for bowel cancer.

The mum of two sought medical advice after experiencing severe pain last week
but will now have to wait 21 days to find out if she has the disease.

‘It’s a nightmare but I’m hoping for the best,’ Jade, 25, tells The Sun.

She wants to put her worries to the back of her mind while she enjoys Bonfire Night this weekend with boyfriend Jack Tweedy, 19, and her sons Bobby, three, and Freddy, two.

‘We’ll be going out to see fireworks,’ she says, ‘and Freddy’s scared of them so I’m going to hold his hand.’

Bowel cancer affects men and women equally. It should not be thought of as an older person’s disease. The majority of people who get bowel cancer are over 50, but 10% are under the age of 50 – some even in their late teens and early twenties.

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