Reality TV star is preparing them for the worst


Jade Goody has finally found a way of telling her sons Freddie and Bobby that she’s dying.

The Big Brother star has been told by doctors that she may only have weeks to live.

‘I have a book that the hospital gave me,’ she says. ‘It’s about a badger that’s dying and it explains about heaven and where people go.

‘But I think my boys know now that I’m dying. Yeah, I think they do now. I’m going to read the book to them so they know what happens when I’m gone.’

But Jade, 27, is dreading the moment when she has to leave them.

‘The doctors will know when it’s time and they will tell me when it’s right for me to say goodbye to them,’ she says.

‘It’ll be so hard to do it, knowing I will never see them again, but I want them to see me before I get really poorly.

‘Then I’d like to think that Jack and my close friends would be there around me when I do go.’

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