Mum-of-two says fiancé Jack Tweed makes her feel loved


Jade Goody is having to face her own mortality but the love of partner Jack Tweed is a great comfort to her.

Doctors have told the mum-of-two she has only months to live because her cervical cancer has spread. She is now on drugs to help control the pain.

‘You know Jack’s been brilliant with all this. He’s only young but he’s handling it better than I ever dreamt he could,’ she says.

‘No boyfriend should ever have to do what Jack’s doing for me – but he is. He helps me put on my knickers every day. He helps me carry my wee-bag, which comes everywhere with me. He brushes my teeth for me because I just don’t have the strength to.’

Jack, 21, decorated 27-year-old Jade‘s hospital room with photographs and bought her a DVD player.

‘The other night he lay with me on the bed and we watched a movie called Anchor Man,’ Jade tells the News Of The World.

‘It was lovely. He just kept kissing and cuddling and squeezing me and telling me I was going to be OK. It was like I was having a lovely dream, and I didn’t want to wake up.’

Jade and Jack plan to marry as soon as possible.

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