Reality TV star has only weeks to live


Jack Tweed is getting a tattoo in honour of fiancée Jade Goody.

The former jailbird, 21, has been left devastated by the news that she only has weeks to live.

Jade has asked him – and all her loved ones – to have her favourite phrase from the Bible inked onto their skin.

‘There is a little section called Promise Of Hope,’ Jade explains.

‘And it’s so lovely – “Call to me and I will answer you. I will tell you wonderful marvellous things that you know nothing about.”

Jack, my friends, even Jack’s dad, are all going to have that tattooed on to the arches of their feet,’ she tells the News Of The World, ‘so that there’s hope all around me and they can bring it with them when they come to see me.

‘I don’t know why those words mean so much to me – why they move me. But they do. And I need to keep saying them if only to convince myself there are wonderful things to come.’

Jade, 27, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last August. She is mum to sons Freddie, 4, and Bobby, 5.

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