BB star's boyfriend parades around in her undies

Jade Goody’s toyboy lover Jack Tweedy loves dressing up in her undies.

The 19-year-old parades around in his girlfriend’s Bridget Jones-style pants all the time, but has never left the house in them.

‘Jack goes for the pink ones,’ says Jade. ‘Big fat pants knickers, so his b**ls don’t hang out.’

The Big Brother star, 25, and her bloke also took naked snaps of each other in the chilly outdoors while on a recent holiday in Lapland.

‘We both stripped off and ran around in the snow and took pictures,’ she says.

Did the frosty hair have a shrivelling affect on the size of Jack’s manhood?

‘No,’ he insists. ‘I’m big down there already. I’m bigger than average so the cold didn’t make any difference.’