Terminally ill star doesn't want to burden her boys with talk of death


Jade Goody has decided not to tell young sons Freddie, 4, and Bobby, 5, that she’s going to die.

‘I will never say those words to them,’ she says.

‘What’s the point? They don’t know what death means and it will frighten them.

‘But I did tell them I was going to have them christened, and Bobby just laughed and said: “Does that mean we’re getting religion then? Heaven isn’t a good place, is it, Mummy?’

Jade, who has found comfort in The Good News Bible and The Living Bible (with paraphrased text) since she was told she had cervical cancer, broke it to her boys that her condition has worsened but that Heaven is very good place.

‘I just told them my tadpoles (the cancer) had had babies and they were swimming around inside me and they have made Mummy much sicker than she was,’ Jade tells The News Of The World.

‘I explained to them that I am coming home next week with a nurse but that they will be spending more time with their dad.’

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