Jack Tweed and Jeff Brazier brawl at Movida nightclub

Jade Goody’s two exes are reported to have had a bit of a scrap at Movida nightclub in London.

Jack Tweed and Jeff Brazier, 28, are said to have got into a brawl after Jeff – the father of Jade’s 2 kids – made an off-hand comment to Jack, saying he was glad Jade had got rid of him.

And toyboy Jack, 20 – who moved out of the Big Brother star’s £750,000 house last month – leapt to his feet, fists flying.

‘Jack is not really a big bloke,’ a witness who saw the fight tells The People.

‘And Jeff was happy to defend himself. But friends stepped in and calmed the situation down.’

Hope Jade’s next boyfriend isn’t called John or Jake…all these Js are just too confusing

Alison Adey