Celebrity Big Brother star faces jail


Jade Goody‘s ex boyfriend Jack Tweed has been convicted of attacking a 16-year-old boy with a golf club.

The Celebrity Big Brother star and his pal James Mattock assaulted Daniel Steele, now 18, in December 2006.

The incident happened in Ongar, Essex, where Jack was living with Jade at the time. The pair have since split.

‘Two weeks before, Jade Goody had some trouble with youths in the area,’ prosecutor Carolyn Gardiner told the jury at Chelmsford Crown Court.

‘Some youths probably being noisier than they should have been. Maybe they (Tweed and Mattock) decided, it is time to teach these youths a lesson or two.’

Jack, 21, and James, 29, both denied assault. Sentencing has been adjourned until 1 September.

Alison Adey