Star's lawyers are trying to have it shut down


Jade Goody has discovered a sick website is taking bets on when she’ll die.

The site, based in Holland, offers participants the chance to win a iPhone 3G if they correctly guess the time and date of her demise.

Jade Goody’s bad news turned into a tabloid marathon of Jade bullshit,’ the homepage reads.

‘If you wanted our sympathy you could have promoted cancer charities instead of yourself while enduring your disease.

‘We wish death on no one, but we wish you, Jade Goody, a good old-fashioned Donkey Punch.’

Jade‘s lawyers are currently working to get closed down.

‘Naturally she was shocked and hurt when she found out about this website,’ says Jade‘s official spokesman.

‘But she has also been overwhelmed by the amount of letters, cards and messages of good will she has received from the public.’

Jade, 27, was diagnosed with cervical cancer last month.

She underwent an 8-hour operation to remove the tumour but was later told the disease had spread.

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