Even pop stars aren't immune from awkward wardrobe malfunctions

Jade Thirlwall has revealed she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction this week – and we love her even more for it!

The 24-year-old was in Germany with the rest of Little Mix when she was approached by a fan for a selfie.

Like the good pop star she is, Jade happily obliged before the supporter pointed out she was flashing a bit too much flesh…

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Jade posted a conversation between and the band’s hairdresser on Instagram, in which she explained: ‘Been sitting ages chilling n a fan just came over for a picture and was like excuse me your dress has fallen down…

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‘I looked down and my tit was literally fully out, the strap had come down and I didn’t even realise and I’ve been sitting like his for a good hour.’

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Luckily Jade could laugh it off but, unlike any ‘normal’ people who find themselves in that position, she had something else to worry about.

Jade later added: ‘I mean here’s hoping there were no paps hanging about.’

The singer’s friend Danielle Peazer later joked: ‘SHOW OFF WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YA #normawouldbeproud,’ and Jade responded: ‘@daniellepeazer she didn’t give me much but I gotta work with what I got.’

It’s comforting to know embarrassing things like this happen to world famous pop stars, especially after it was revealed Jade is in the running to play Princess Jasmine in the live action remake of Aladdin!