Jake Quickenden gives now some exclusive advice for the X Factor hopefuls as they go into the live shows.

Two-time X Factor contestant Jake Quickenden has spoken exclusively to Now with some advice for the upcoming finalists as they head into the live shows.


The cheeky chappy started off very humble, ‘Treat everyone with respect and just have some fun really, because you don’t know how long it’s going to last.’

Jake has more experience than most when it comes to X Factor. In 2012, he was booted out by Nicole Scherzinger at the judge’s house stage and, last year, he made it to week three before being knocked out in the showdown.

‘I’d say take what the judges say with a pinch of salt. I never listened to them,’ he says, though quickly adds, ‘but I ended up leaving quite early, so I’d say try and listen to them a bit.’


The hunky singer definitely sounds like he’s learnt some lessons one year on, even with his EP making the top 5 in the pre-order charts. As well as a calendar that we may or may not be very interested in having in the office. ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t think just because you’re on the X Factor you are as big as Drake. Keep your head on your shoulders and enjoy it.’

‘Maybe be a rebel. Everyone loves a rebel.’

Aww, well we do love you Jake!

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