The X Factor star admits that tough times in his family drove him to drink

From his stints on The X Factor and I’m A Celebrity, most people know Jake Quickenden to be quite a nice lad. Easy-going, friendly, talented and pretty dashing to boot, he’s basically the perfect guy to bring home to your mum.

However, he hasn’t ever been shy in discussing the heartache he’s been through on the journey to fame – and now, he’s opened up a little more on just how much the tragic death of his brother affected him, revealing that it drove him to excessive drinking.

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Oliver Quickenden lost his fight with a rare form of bone cancer in 2012 at only 19 years old –  mere days before Jake’s very first X Factor audition was broadcast on TV. Sadly, their father had also succumbed to the same disease just four years earlier in 2008, both of which put Jake into ‘a dark place’.

Speaking on Wednesday afternoon’s edition of Loose Women, he said: ‘I lost my dad and then I lost my brother a couple of years back. It’s not even hereditary, it was just very very unlucky that they both got that.

‘I struggled with it a lot…especially with my brother because I should have been looking after him. He’s my little brother.

Jake Quickenden brother main Loose Women

Oliver Quickenden

The 27-year-old continued: ‘I kind of went in a downward spiral. And I’m not here talking for pity – why I’ve decided to talk about it is just because I want people to know you can come out of it and be alright.’

Feeling as though discussing his painful struggle with his family and friends would be a burden, Jake instead used drinking as a way to cope:

‘I was just going out and I was getting so drunk that I couldn’t remember the night before. And I’d wake up in the morning and be in bed all day, and be depressed and down.

‘I didn’t want to burden my mum with it – she’d just lost her son. And I didn’t want to talk about it with my mates, because I thought “I’m not the only person that’s lost somebody”.

‘I dealt with it badly, and I dealt with it with drinking a lot. I went out most nights and I drank myself stupid.’

Happily, after he began speaking about his feelings more, Jake decided to pursue his musical passions and he’s recovered well – something he was keen to portray in his debut single Blindfold:

‘Someone can listen to it and say ‘he’s been through a tough time, I can listen to that song. If he can pull his way through it, then I can as well.’

Jake Quickenden treats now to an exclusive performance of an original song – watch it below!