Uh-oh, this doesn't look good...

Jake Roche has fuelled speculation that he might have split from fiancée Jesy Nelson with some rather strange Twitter activity.

The Rixton star, 24, left fans confused after he deleted ALL of his Tweets – and instead posted a single image of a black cloud. Hmmm.


Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche: The latest on their ‘split’

Jake also looks to have erased most of his photos of Little Mix star Jesy, 25, from Instagram apart from a snap of them taken last Christmas.

The cloud has popped up on his Insta too, with the singer sharing three posts of the same image this week.


It’s got fans worried that it could hint at things not being well between him and Jesy.

‘Does this mean a fresh start?? A fresh start after a breakup?? Or just new music?!’ one follower asked.

Another concerned admirer commented: ‘I. Just. Hope. Its. New. Music.’

Us. Too.


It comes amid speculation that the couple – who got engaged in July 2015 after a year of dating – might have come to blows over plans to start a family.

Jesy is apparently keen to have a baby and wanted to do so shortly after getting married, whereas Jake is said to have been less keen.

‘Jake feels that, at 24, he’s just too young to be a father,’ a source tells Reveal magazine. ‘He feels they have their whole lives ahead of them to start enjoying kids when the time is right.

‘Jesy completely disagreed. She is only a year older but is much more emotionally mature – and she was always very clear with Jake that, as soon as she got married, she would want to start the next big chapter in their lives together.’

It’s also claimed that Jake has tried to get in touch but that Jesy isn’t interested. Oh dear.

Jesy’s social media activity is only serving to confuse fans MORE in all this drama too.

The singer – who has been seen without her engagement ring on – hasn’t spoken about the rumours but cute posts about Jake remain on her Instagram page, with the last photo being from just a few weeks ago.

Fingers crossed these two can work things out!