She reveals why she split from footballer

Jamelia has spoken out for the first time about her split with footballer Darren Byfield.

The singer, who’s moved back to her mum’s house in Birmingham, insists that Darren, 30, did not cheat on her.

‘I absolutely know the rumours about him are not true and they played no part in our break-up,’ she tells The Sun.

She does admit, however, that the Millwall star’s fame affected their relationship.

‘I got more and more p***** off at all the women in clubs who threw themselves at Darren,’ Jamelia, 25, tells the Daily Mirror.

‘In the end it was just too much and our relationship suffered.’

Jamelia has a 20-month-old daughter, Tiani, with Darren and a six-year-old girl, Teja, by a former partner.

‘Darren has always played such an active role in the kids’ lives and I’m confident that he always will,’ she tells the Sun. ‘He’s a fantastic father.

‘I still love Darren and we will remain the best of friends.’