Singer slams reporter for fabricating gossip


Jamelia has slammed a reporter for saying she’s had a bust-up with Leona Lewis.

The singer insists she was misquoted by a magazine writer and and did not call Leona ‘a poor man’s Mariah Carey’ or say she had no talent.

In fact, Jamelia says she thinks The X Factor winner, 22, is genuinely talented.

‘I was asked a series of ill-thought-out questions,’ Jamelia, 26, writes on her web forum, ‘to lure me into saying headline-making comments about other celebs.

‘This “journalist” wasn’t happy with me being nice about Leona, so she had to make s**t up so her piece was more interesting.

‘The facts are, I think Leona is amazingly talented and I will be buying all of her material!’

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