The panellist was with her daughters at the time


Jamelia has revealed that she experienced a racist abuse while taking her daughters to school earlier this week.

The Loose Women panellist opened up to her fans and colleagues about an upsetting encounter she’d had with a driver during Monday morning’s school run, with 15-year-old daughter Teja and 10-year-old Tiani.

According to her, the driver followed her after she overtook him in her car, and angrily began shouting before verbally attacking her with: ‘you lot make me f*cking sick’ and ‘f*ck off you stupid black bitch’.

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Originally, she took to her Facebook page to inform fans of the shocking incident – and then retold the uncomfortable tale during her appearance on the daytime panel show on Tuesday.

‘I got really really scared, scared for myself, scared for the girls and I just wanted to get out of there,’ she emotionally told the audience.

‘What ended the whole thing was, he pushed the door open as if to get out [the car] and that was when I was just like “I’ve got to grab the girls and just run.”

Loose Women - 28 June 2016

Loose Women – 28 June 2016

‘That was my first instinct because I just thought, “what is he going to do? What’s he going to do to us?”’

An extract of Jamelia's telling of the racist abuse

An extract of the original telling of the racist abuse

Initially, she told her social media followers that the attack in question came from a police officer – however she’s now clarified that he may not have been in that particular position:

‘One thing I have to point out – I’ve reported the incident – the police have been absolutely fantastic and they did point out to me he’s not necessarily a police officer, he could be a more senior ranking officer, he could also be a security guard…’

But Coleen Nolan then jumped in to make the point: ‘But he is someone in authority.’

The Superstar singer, 35, concluded her harrowing tale by confirming that she’d reported the incident, and saying: ‘It’s as a matter of urgency that this is dealt with, my little girls did not deserve to go through that yesterday.’

Soon after broadcasting, fans weighed in with support, with one tweeting: ‘Heartbroken hearing your story lunch time. It’s disgusting! I hope you & your girls are ok! You must have been so frightened! X’

Though it must be incredibly difficult to revisit such a painful event, it’s great that Jamelia has used her platform to bring light to racist abuse. The more it’s flagged up, the more that can be done to make sure it stops happening.

Read Jamelia’s tale in full here