TOWIE star James Argent is seeking professional help following two 'overdose' scares.

According to The Sun, the reality TV star is kicking off 2020 in Thailand where he’s staying at a £20,000 a month “specialist facility” to deal with his “addiction issues” – following two “overdose” scares in 2019.

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A pal close to Arg, told them, “He has realised he needs help with his recent addiction issues and with his weight loss battle, so has turned to professionals.

“Arg is receiving some of the best care in the world and so is in an environment to finally improve his physical and mental state.

“Nobody knows when he will be back and he hasn’t put a time limit on it – he’ll be back home when he’s fit and well again and he’s determined to make that happen.”

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It’s not the first time Arg, 32, has checked into rehab after previously confessing it “saved his life” back in 2015.


Having always struggled with his fluctuating weight and with his partying spiralling out of control, Arg was temporarily suspended from TOWIE and checked into rehab.

Upon returning – a stone and a half lighter – he said, “Underneath everything I was badly depressed and tired.

“At that point I was hiding from everyone in my flat. Lydia would beg me to open the door,” he explained. “My mum would come round crying and I’d pretend I wasn’t there. I just couldn’t face anyone.

On finally seeking help, he added, “I’m embarrassed to say this but so many people tried and got pushed away.”

And it looks like those closest to him have reached out again and persuaded Arg to get help – despite him reportedlty refusing back in October, which caused Gemma Collins to dump him.

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The reality TV star was forced to called 999 after fearing Arg had suffered an overdose and a close pal told The Sun, “She’s told him she will not be with him until he sorts himself out.


“He’s been to rehab in the past and she stood by him as she saw it as the right thing to do, but he’s not even doing that now. He’s a mess.”

One of the people involved in Arg’s decision to fly out to Thailand could be Mark Wright – after Arg paid tribute to his best mate just two days ago.

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Sharing a throwback snap of the pair, he wrote, “decade 2010 Two Essex boys who are literally complete opposites in every way & have not much in common but some how are the closest of friends & pretty much brothers! 2019 & I still don’t know what I’d do without him! Love ya @wrighty_ ❤️ #Marg.”