James ‘Arg’ Argent only attended a star-studded awards bash just a few days ago – but it seems that since then, his luck has gone a little down hill!

TOWIE star Arg appeared to be in good spirits at the Specsavers Awards last week, but after a brief social media hiatus, he’s let his fans know that he’s actually been in a pretty scary moped accident.

The 30-year-old took to his Instagram to reveal that he suffered a nasty injury in the accident, fracturing his right shoulder – meaning he also had a stint in hospital.


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Arg also shared that he also suffered a few painful nicks, after falling from the bike. He also shared a few photos of himself in hospital – along with some rather gruesome snaps of his injuries.

He wrote: ‘Finally out of hospital 🏥 I’ve fractured my right shoulder & got a naughty gash on my arm plus a few bumps and bruises…’

‘I don’t think Vespas 🛵 were made for this weather & conditions! #LearnTheHardWay #Becareful ❤’

Fans rushed to wish the star well after the fall, with one writing: ‘Oh noooooooo – Get Well soon 💙’ while another said: ‘Awww, ouch!!! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery!!’, and a third commented: ‘Hope you feel better soon Arg 👍🏽’.

However, it’s not actually the first time Arg has had a lucky escape on his beloved Vespa – as he’s had TWO accidents on the vehicle before!

Earlier on in the year, he fell off the Vespa. Luckily, the TOWIE star didn’t come to any harm – but unfortunately, his favourite bike didn’t fare so well, with Arg writing on social media: ‘My poor bike’.

Back in 2011, he also shared with fans that he’d been involved in a ‘serious car accident’. But it seems Gemma Collins’ beau is like a cat with nine lives – as he escaped with no injuries.

He wrote at the time: ‘Guys iv had a serious car crash in Dundee, I am ok and on the way back home to Essex. ‘This has really taught me some things,

‘Thanks for all your messages of support guys. ‘Im still in shock but have no injuries, At home now. Im a very lucky boy indeed!’

You certainly are Arg – please take it easy!