In his infamous Carpool Karaoke, James Corden sings along to Stevie Wonder classic with the man himself.


You’re sat in the office. You’ve hit a bit of an after-work slump. You need something brighten up your day. Well, look no further!

Our fave cheeky chappy, James Corden, is at it again with another Carpool Karaoke. And  this one’s BOUND to put a smile on your face, because it only involves the one and only Stevie Wonder!

With James looking a bit concerned at the start, he asks Stevie if he’s SURE that he’s okay taking the wheel and driving him to work, before the camera pans around to show a smiley Mr.Wonder.

But alas, the 65-year-old legendary singer had left his license at home –probably for the best to let James take the wheel for this one.

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They work through all the greats: Superstition, Sir DukeSigned Sealed Delivered – it’s a right knees up.

Then 37-year-old James asks Stevie if he can ask for a cheeky lil’ favour . We don’t blame him, we would too!

With James’ wife, Julia, being a big SW fan (who isn’t?), he rings her up and Stevie answer the call with a pretty killer British accent may we add.

Now prepare yourselves. Because then Stevie goes on to sing a special rendition of one of his classics: ‘I just called to say James loves you.’


Ol’ Jamie boy – unsurprisingly – looks SO happy and then starts tearing up, right before we start blubbering too.

He finishes the song by singing the altered lyrics, ‘and he promised me he’d let me be on his show for an hour.’ Well, at least he’s honest.

They even talk about starting up their very own band, The Wondercats. Since Stevie won’t let James touch the harmonica, the Brit suggest that he dances on top of the piano instead.

It all ends with the pair singing along to For Once in my Life, and it’s smiles all round. James is us and we’re basically James in the car as he sings along with all her heart and arm choreography, and is just oozing happiness.

Seriously, we’ve got goose pimples caused by pure joy.

Amy Lo