Protective husband James Jordan has gone on a Twitter rampage against Strictly's 'dictator' producers

Well, here’s your important lesson for the day: when it comes to Strictly dancer Ola Jordan you should NOT be mean about her, otherwise you’ll have her husband James Jordan to deal with.

And, believe us, you do NOT want to cross him.

The ex-Celebrity Big Brother star launched a shock attack on those behind the scenes of Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend, after his wife was apparently left in tears for days over a story that appeared in a newspaper about her ‘bullying’ her celebrity partner.

A tabloid newspaper claimed that Ola, who is dancing with Steve Backhall, had caused upset by her ‘rude and impatient’ manner with Steve, and the nature presenter reportedly then spoke to the BBC who decided to provide them with a chaperone.

On top of calling the story false, James, 36 – who was a professional on the show for eight years until 2013 – went on to claim the BBC put the story out themselves as they want viewers to ‘turn against her’.

Writing on Twitter, James said: ‘I was on Strictly for 8 years which has benefits you make great friends. And I was able to get some information from a ‘source’.

‘The source said BBC are fed up with @The_OlaJordan’s popularity and are trying to turn the public against her. NICE… And why????

‘I was good friends with one of the old strictly producers. And was told BBC leak stories just to get more people interested. NOT ABOUT OLA!

He added: ‘For those of you that think I am making things worse for @The_OlaJordan
How can I make it worse when she’s cried to me since Thursday.’

However, Ola’s former partners on the show, Ashley Taylor Dawson and Robbie Savage, claimed they never found her to act like a bully.

James went on to add that Artem Chingvintsev left the show because of the way he was being ‘treated’ backstage, and he named the show’s producer Louise Rainbow as the reason for the problems.

He wrote: ‘The whole show has changed since @lourainbow10 joined last year. The way they undermined the pros. Dictatorship now. No artistic freedom.

‘Plus the pros work really really really hard and still get SHOUTED at when trying their hardest with the pro numbers.

The BBC have said they will not be commenting on the tweets, while neither Steve nor Ola have confirmed or denied the story.

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By Stephen Leng