Lockie was looking a little worse for wear on Wednesday night's episode...

James Lock has been forced to speak out on Twitter after bizarre surgery rumours circulated about him following Wednesday night’s TOWIE.

The reality star seemed to be sporting a rather nasty-looking puffy eye on the programme and this shocked many viewers, with several taking to social media to speculate about what had happened to him.


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Some outlandishly wondered if Lockie, 30, might have even been under the knife.

‘#towie#lockie plastic surgery ?’ one Twitter user pondered, whilst one simply asked: ‘What’s happened to Lockie’s face #TOWIE’

The Essex boy decided to speak out about the bonkers speculation and clarified that his puffiness isn’t the result of a procedure but was a boxing accident instead.

‘Just to clear something up! I haven’t had plastic surgery!’ Lockie told his followers after the show. ‘Got the black eye from sparring at boxing training! Total accident! #TOWIE’

Oh Lockie, what are you like? This didn’t stop viewers from gossiping about it though as many were left wondering just who was responsible…

One fan Tweeted: ‘who’s punched lockie then? i can see a black eye #TOWIE’

Meanwhile another posted: ‘who decked ya??’

Others were simply amused by the idea of Lockie secretly having cosmetic surgery.

‘hahaha plastic surgery! Naturally handsome and work hard at the gym. The internet is a funny place!’ one admirer said on Twitter.

Lockie had earlier explained in the programme how he’d ended up with the puffiness during a get-together with new girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou and pals Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna.

‘What’s happened to your eye?’ Pete asked Mr Lock.

Lockie then replied: ‘I had a bit of sparring, a bit of boxing.’

Well that’s that then. Lockie remained a hot topic amongst TOWIE viewers on social media though as they discussed his new relationship with Yazmin following his split from Danielle Armstrong.

Whilst some showed approval for the romance, others weren’t so sure and accused Lockie of going on the ‘rebound’ after the break-up.