Actor says body-building supplement had stinky side effect


James McAvoy says there was a downside to beefing up for his latest role in the action flick Wanted.

The actor had to have muscle-gain supplements which caused him to constantly break wind.

‘To be fair, it really helped but it came with a massive side effect of me violently farting,’ he says.

‘It was so often and so vigorous, I couldn’t stop. When I was filming I was by far the biggest farter in Hollywood.

‘I had to give up the shakes after a month and start eating chicken and steak instead as it was getting embarrassing.’

But now filming for the movie is over, James, 29, says he has no intention of sticking to the diet.

‘I found that caffeine, alcohol and smoking break down muscle,’ he tells The Sun, ‘and there was no way I was giving them up.’