Jamie Dornan's bedroom antics seem rather different to Fifty Shades Of Grey character Christian Grey

Of all the places where Jamie Dornan could have discovered he’d landed the role of S&M fan Christian Grey in the much-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie, it seems fitting that it was in his bedroom.

But unlike Christian, Jamie was doing something a little more sedate when he received a late-night call from the film’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson – watching TV in bed with his wife Amelia Warner.

‘[We were watching] some awful television – oh, I know, Storage Wars,’ says Jamie, 33. ‘I love it so much!’

‘I have no idea what Sam said, but, by the end of it, I got the gist that they wanted to meet. So I told my wife…’

Jamie insists that he didn’t, ahem, celebrate by him getting into Christian‘s character after receiving the call.

‘Certainly not,’ he says. ‘We went to sleep. It was 3am!’

We’re not surprised that Jamie felt ready to get some kip after hearing the news, given that the film was already attracting huge publicity. Fans of E L James‘ hugely successful novel were keen to know what was happening with the big screen adaptation from early on.

While Jamie‘s co-star Dakota Johnson – who plays Anastasia Steele – was announced as a cast member in September 2013, Jamie was named as Christian a month later. Charlie Hunnam was originally given the part but soon dropped out due to film schedule conflicts.

So it came as quite a surprise to Jamie when he heard about the role after doing a video audition several months earlier.

‘I didn’t hear anything, not even the tiniest bit of feedback,’ the actor reveals. ‘For months. So I thought, “Well, I gave it a go.”

‘And then suddenly… Maybe they stumbled upon my tape in the archives.’

Despite the constant speculation about the movie and the cast, Jamie managed to block it out when it came to shooting the flick on location in Vancouver. He credits the people on set with helping to ease any sort of pressure.

Sam had an amazing way of making it feel like it was no scarier or bigger than any other shoot,’ he tells ELLE UK.

‘We were able to block out what was going on outside – the hysteria and the noise – and focus on making the best picture we could.’

Fifty Shades Of Grey hits cinemas on Thursday 13 February.

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