The Made in Chelsea star shared an image of himself sitting on train tracks

If you were to name the most playful member of the Made in Chelsea cast, there’s a strong chance that your judgements would lead you to Jamie Laing.

The cheerful entrepreneur loves to entertain his friends and fans with reliably light-hearted posts on social media.

However, a recent post, showing him sitting cross-legged on a train track, proved to be one of his most controversial yet – leading to fan outrage and him deleting the snap.

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Jamie, 28, took to Instagram on Sunday (7th May) to share a photo from his trip to Cumbria with girlfriend Frankie Gaff.

He’s seen sitting cross-legged with a grin on his face, cap and tripod strewn to the side:

Some of Jamie’s fans weren’t too impressed with this picture (Photo: Instagram)

‘The Railway Children’, the Candy Kittens boss wrote as a caption.

Though it seems Jamie was simply trying to inject some whimsy into his timeline, plenty of his followers thought otherwise and scolded him for potentially setting a bad example for young followers.

‘Not being funny but that’s a bit irresponsible considering so many kids follow you god forbid they copy you!! Just engage brain @jamielaing’, and ‘What an inappropriate picture of a grown man use your brain’ read some initial responses.

‘Seriously, delete this. Don’t play on train tracks!’

‘So irresponsible to post pictures like this after the millions Network Rail invest trying to educate people on the dangers of the tracks. This may be a quiet line but what’s to stop others copying you on a busier line. Don’t be so stupid, you have a lot of followers use your influence for something positive,’ admonished another follower.

Oh dear. Some fans tried to defend his actions, however, with one claiming that the track is rarely in use.

Yet it seems as if Jamie heard the safety message loud and clear, however, and erased the photo from his feed.

Whether or not the line is often in use or not, it’s best that no-one gets any ideas from this – safety first and all!