Chef reveals his racy recurring dream

Jamie Oliver is haunted by a recurring nightmare in which he runs naked through a field of herbs.

The TV cook, 31 – who rocketed to fame as The Naked Chef – has confessed that he often dreams about a worm with a bag of money.

Jamie told Radio 1: ‘I have this recurring dream. There a worm bouncing up and down with a sack of cents. I don’t understand it. And then I’m running naked through a field of herbs.’

The celebrity chef – who is married to wife Jules and has two daughters, Poppy Honey, four, and Daisy Boo, three – also admitted that he gorges on takeaways when he’s tipsy.

Jamie is on a personal mission to get British children eating healthily but after a few drinks he can’t resist a chicken kebab.

‘There’s a little place called Kebab King on the New Kings Road,’ he explains. ‘They do a wicked chicken shawerma kebab, heavy on the chilli sauce. It’s beautiful.’