Celeb chef says he’d now like a little boy

He may be only 31 but celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s really feeling his age.

‘I feel totally different now I am in my 30s,’ he admits, ‘I am starting to feel a bit disposable.

‘I’m not a little boy anymore. I’m a proper man with scary, grown-up stuff like kids, wills and trust funds.’

Jamie – father to Poppy Honey, four, and Daisy Boo, three – found fame as a ‘pukka’ geezer almost 10 years ago with his TV show The Nakes Chef, but has now completed his transformation to healthy food campaigner and responsible husband and father.

Despite the change, Jamie says he’s happy playing the doting dad and admits he desperately wants a son with wife Jules.

‘I’m all into Angelina Ballerina, pink, glitter, pirouettes and plies, but I’d appreciate a bit of rough and tumble with a bit of fishing and football thrown in,’ he tells the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

‘Fatherhood is amazing,’ he enthuses, ‘it is exciting, confusing, invigorating and we’d love a big family.’

Muzakkir Iqbal