The actress says that she couldn’t guarantee remaining faithful

Little Voice star Jane Horrocks has revealed that she will never marry because she wouldn’t be able to guarantee she’d stay true.

Jane, 42, admits she feels uncomfortable vowing to stay faithful in front of a lot of people or in front of God – but says she wouldn’t mind making a private declaration of love.

Jane, who has two children with long-term partner Nick Vivian, says swearing fidelity ‘would be a huge oath to bear’.

‘It could happen to me or Nick that somebody would come along who would sweep one of us off our feet and we wouldn’t be able to help going along with it,’ she tells the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

But the actress, next to be seen in six-part TV series The Amazing Mrs Pritchard, has revealed she’s been down the aisle once before, albeit, for camera.

She joked: ‘I did get married once before on screen in a television drama called Some Kind Of Life, so I got my parents on it as extras because it was the only time they would see me walk up the aisle.’

Muzakkir Iqbal