Outspoken star on the hunt for Mr Right

Janice Dickinson is on the prowl for a new man after breaking up with her latest toyboy fireman boyfriend.

‘I am so single,’ she says. ‘But I do have hope for the future. If [only] Simon Cowell was single…I like his Black Amex card.’

Janice, 55, has even had a little sample of what Simon might have to offer. 

‘He kissed me on the mouth recently when we went on a talk show together, and I was so shocked,’ she recalls. ‘It was a proper full-on kiss.’

Simon‘s engagement to make-up artist Mezhgan Hussainy is keeping Janice at bay, but there are other well-known faces who’ve caught her eye.

‘I think Ewan McGregor is cute,’ she admits. ‘I don’t want Jude Law, because he’s lost too much hair. I love Alan Carr… He’s every girl’s wet dream.

‘I’d like a man who’s a combination of Alan Carr, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul McCartney.’

Nadine Badresingh